Top Identity Theft Myths Debunked

Identity theft is a crime that is constantly evolving, and because of that it is still greatly misunderstood. There are a lot of myths surrounding identity theft and identity thieves, and you need to understand the truth behind them if you want to protect yourself.

Myth #1: You Won’t Fall Victim to Identity Theft As Long as You Are Careful

While there are things that you can do that will help protect you from identity theft, there is nothing you can do that will make you completely invulnerable to it. Identity thieves are always devising new ways to hack into databases and steal personal information, and the only way to protect yourself for now is to keep your antivirus programs and your operating system up to date at all times.

Myth #2: Freezing Your Credit Will Keep You Safe

Freezing your credit will prevent thieves from using stolen credit cards and other financial information, but it won’t stop them from using any personal information that you already have. This can allow them to do things such as file fake tax returns or commit Social Security fraud.


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