Identity Theft and the Dark Web

The internet is a tremendously vast place. Websites exist for just about anything you can think of, including illegal activities like identity theft. But you won’t find those kinds of websites on a standard “.com” site. They exist in the Dark Web. There are three different kinds of places online: the web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web. Each one serves a different purpose and requires different technical skills to access.

The regular web, or surface web, is the place that most people access. You visit websites with an address and gain access to the information and services they provide. The Deep Web is, technically speaking, part of the regular web. In general terms, the deep web consists of websites or webpages that are not indexed by international search engines or commonly linked to by other websites.

The Dark Web is an entirely different monster. This is a name to refer to websites that require special software or technology to access beyond that of a normal website. They use anonymity protocols to ensure that they cannot be found. This makes it a prime location of illegal activity, such as money laundering, drug sale, and identity theft.

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